White Flower Season

The white flower season begins here in the garden of pure fumes with gardenia, then gradually overlaps with jasmine sambac which overlaps with plumeria.  I was lucky to get extra gardenias from my mothers plant which is much larger and more abundant than mine. The gardenias are now done but we are in the thick… Continue reading White Flower Season

Summer to Autumn

Two days ago it was warm and I was harvesting jasmine flowers for the ongoing enfleurage. Monday night the weather suddenly changed – as if day light savings time were a window that was abruptly opened. All of a sudden we’ve got substantially cooler weather, so cool that my little jasmine sambac flowers this morning… Continue reading Summer to Autumn

The Tink Goes On

The jasmine tincture process is still going. Normally the cycle ends at some point in November, but it is dependent on the weather. Since we continue to have high heat its possible that will just keep on supplying those beautiful little blooms for another month.

Happy Independence Day!

I’m sort of taking the day off, it’s Independence Day here in the US after all, not that a major holiday would influence a perpetual artist. Day, night, linear time doesn’t much affect those living in the creative realm except for perhaps getting to the post office with packages before they close. I started the… Continue reading Happy Independence Day!

Introducing Fleurish

Fleurish, a play on the french word fleur for flower and flourish a design embellishment used in calligraphy, is a luxurious jasmine solifleur with abundant notes of the indolic heady white floral laced with honey. The fragrance was initially one of the trials for Figure 8: Coeur de Jasmin, which some of you may have… Continue reading Introducing Fleurish


In the midst of herding all the elements for the Fan Funding Event together, the extravagant grand finale jasmine blooming cycle I came across a glorious glass apothecary cabinet for the new space. Although I thought all I needed was a simple glass case, when I found THE piece I realized no, this is the… Continue reading Hearted


While most places in the northern hemisphere have been experiencing some form of Autumn weather and signs of the impending season, we continue to have heat and very few visible harbingers except for acorns and pumpkin vendors. Meanwhile, the jasmine sambac is happily blooming in yet another flowering cycle. I now have two big bottles… Continue reading Meanwhile…