Tree Ogham: Ivy

Greenest of the pastures, sweeter than grasses. Ivy, the twelfth letter in the Tree Ogham goes by the letter G and the name Gort, meaning green field or garden. According to Blamires some legends and poetry refer to honeysuckle and woodvine interchangeable with Ivy. We interpret the message of a plant by observing where and… Continue reading Tree Ogham: Ivy

In contrast

The coloration here in the woodland has slowly been turning more and more golden. Hills that were once bright green with the vitality of Spring rains have shifted to golden yellow and ochre. The heat and solar influence has slowly saturated the landscape. In the hillsides of Los Angeles, pretty much the only place you’ll… Continue reading In contrast

Hedera helix

Continuing down the ever greening path of verdant perfume we step onto the spiraling and purposeful Ivy. Hedera helix is the botanical name for Ivy as well as a perfume I created in April of 2007, two months after the formulation of Greenwitch. Having devoted the last few years to learning the wonders of native… Continue reading Hedera helix

Celtic Tree: Ivy

“Greenest of pastures and sweetest of grasses” The cycle of the Celtic Tree mysteries are upon us once more, this months learning comes from the ivy. Like the vine, we do not generally witness ivy as a tree. Unless, of course, you have tried to remove it from your garden. This is when I learned… Continue reading Celtic Tree: Ivy