I’ve been working on manifesting a BHAG: big, hairy, audacious goal. The goal was not necessarily on the top of my list, but rather has occurred by a series of serendipitous events. At first it was just an idea, which like a rolling stone has gathered lots of moss and particles. It is now a… Continue reading The BHAG


I picked up the little Impromptu cards from my local printer yesterday. Thus all the orders that have been placed, along with promotional packets, will begin getting sent out today. Please note that I didn’t make a huge amount of this first batch. I’m working on a big batch of the solid and liquid synergy… Continue reading Carded


Part of the inherent impetus of the new season is the urge to purge on multiple levels, most often referred to as Spring cleaning. For me, the purification impulse has been directed at my website and the studio. To the website I changed the opening slide show and added some more content and photos to… Continue reading Refresh

Drop by Drop

Occasionally new skill sets are required along the fragrant and adventurous path of authentic natural perfume. Recently I’ve been practicing lots of bending like a reed when important essences go off the radar. This took place when precious Rosa bourbonica absolute from India became unavailable, then again when aromatic treasures contained in Hedera helix and… Continue reading Drop by Drop

Hedera helix and Gracing the Dawn

I’ve been spending my evenings making large amounts of the synergies for all the perfumes, in both solid and liquid form. Page 47 liquid and Eau de Parfum will be arriving shortly as well as Vespertina and Chiaroscuro liquid. As I was meticulously making my way through the fragrances I noticed that the solid synergies… Continue reading Hedera helix and Gracing the Dawn

Once a Year

Quick reminder that the “Once a Year” discount of 20% off a natural perfume round compact, 8.7 grams of solid perfume in a round tin or a perfume flacon ends at midnight PST 12/31st. Read more here. In the meantime I am looking through the picks from the “Pin It to Win It, Round Two’… Continue reading Once a Year


I have been working, working, working on the new website day and night and feel it is finally fairly ready for some input before the official launch. Thus, if you feel inspired to give me some feedback please head on over here. Although Paypal is a slimy, corrupt corporation that I detest, I have put… Continue reading Renovating