I take loads of photographs, as you have all noticed, however I rarely take them of me. It has been brought to my attention that I have no photos of myself making my perfumes. There are loads of my end product, my garden and all the raw materials, the studio, the tools…but none of me… Continue reading Process

In the Raw

The price of the raw materials necessary to create authentic botanical perfume have been sky rocketing over the last few years. Many of the bottles of Jasmine, Rose, Oud, Frankincense I purchased years ago when first starting in Aromatherapy have run out. I am committed to ordering high quality essences from reputable suppliers and thus… Continue reading In the Raw

Aromatic Journey: Fragrance Families

For the Aromatic Journey post over at Lillyella today I contributed a rather lengthy piece about categorizing fragrances into families. If I had published the post here it would have been placed within the “In the Raw” archives where we learn about the raw materials of botanical perfume. There is also a recipe there to… Continue reading Aromatic Journey: Fragrance Families