White Flower Season

The white flower season begins here in the garden of pure fumes with gardenia, then gradually overlaps with jasmine sambac which overlaps with plumeria.  I was lucky to get extra gardenias from my mothers plant which is much larger and more abundant than mine. The gardenias are now done but we are in the thick… Continue reading White Flower Season


The rains have FINALLY arrived to Los Angeles! I’m so happy as I am sure the woodland plants and beasties are as well. We were able to get all the natives we purchased at the Theodore Payne Foundation and redo a few of the walls around our 1950’s ranch style house completed within hours of… Continue reading Rain!

In the Garden: Early Spring

Here in the Southern California woodland Spring arrives early, even when we’ve had little to no rain. The first flowers to appear our on the back slope covered with rosemary, these begin to blossom as early as November. Right now the purple sage, botanically known as Salvia leucphylla, is blooming and the girls are all… Continue reading In the Garden: Early Spring


Yesterday, after brunch, I installed Instagram on the I-pad just before heading out to work in the garden. Instagram is a free photo app fun that lets you add a filter to transform the image, something I normally do in photoshop. I had thought that it was only available to those who had smart phones,… Continue reading Instagram