Hydro meaning water and sol meaning solution, the term hydrosol is the aromatic water that carries over the essential oil during the process of distillation. In some instances the end product is the hydrosol, the condensate water produced during a plant distillation, while in others the hydrosol is a by-product of the distillation of plant… Continue reading Hydro+sol

Chamisa distillation

Last week, during a filming session at the perfumery for an upcoming feature, I distilled the beautiful golden flowers of Chamisa with my small glass still. The result is an enchanting, mellow yellow hydrosol that smells of liquid sunshine. The main notes are from monoterpenes like d-limonene, which contributes to the warm, sunny scent. There… Continue reading Chamisa distillation

Alchemy Panel Discussion, Distill your Own Hydrosols & Hydrosol Encounter

As part of the Alchemy & Medicine of the Soul workshop we have three other happenings taking place all within the Santa Monica Mountain area. Please note there is limited space available for some of these events, be mindful to grab your seat while they are available! ___________________________________________________________________________ Alchemy Panel Discussion with Cathy Skipper, Dr.… Continue reading Alchemy Panel Discussion, Distill your Own Hydrosols & Hydrosol Encounter

Hydro Sol

I believe that water is the only drink for a wise man. ~Henry David Thoreau The steam, or in some cases water and steam, that passes through the plant material during the distillation process is referred to as a hydrosol or hydrolat. These healing waters are rich in hydrophilic components not found in essential oils.… Continue reading Hydro Sol