The Flow Hive

Last Sunday morning Greg and I attended a HoneyLove meet up at the Rediscover Center in Venice Beach regarding the Flow Hive. Perhaps you heard about the IndieGogo campaign last year that raised over 12 million dollars for a beehive which miraculously gives you honey by the turn of a knob? I personally received loads… Continue reading The Flow Hive

Preservation photos by Blake Little

Photographer Blake Little has shot a series of humans and animals covered with honey. The images were created for his book and exhibition at the Kopeikin Gallery last Spring Mar.7- Apr.18, 2015. The Preservation Book was edited by Bil Yoelin Here is the video of his shoot, keep in mind that some of the bodies are… Continue reading Preservation photos by Blake Little

The Hive Report

The work on the garage roof and repair of the north retaining wall are done, thus we moved the two hives back. Moving hives is a messy matter and I don’t advise it, unless there is no other choice. The bees take a huge hit, resulting in large losses of forage bees and massive hit… Continue reading The Hive Report

Honey, Honey

The To Bee natural perfume LookBook is coming along quite fabulously but it is in need of more imagery. Since this fragrance is so new, I don’t quite have the plethora of illuminations as the other fragrances. Thus I’m taking advantage of Eve’s camera, before it leaves with her to college in Vermont, and taking… Continue reading Honey, Honey

The Bounty

The bonus that came from rescuing the Red Barn Bees last Monday was the huge amounts of honey that was part of that cutout. The honey stores in this hive were so vast they were split four ways amongst the three beekeepers and the bees. Since this is prime season for collecting nectar and pollen… Continue reading The Bounty

Rangeland Honey

Gather and taste wild honeys from bees foraging native plants in the Arizona rangelands while supporting local organic beekeeper, Dee Lusby. Learn about the history of mead making & try your hand at wild mead making! Sunday, Feb 13th836 north 11th avenue 4-6pm $20/person includes some light foraged snacks and tastings of honeys and aged… Continue reading Rangeland Honey