The Birth of Venus

Round and round we go, here we find ourselves at another day of Veneralia, the feast of Venus, although the masses use the modern name Easter with celebrations that include chocolate bunnies and church. As you know, I tend to like to delve deeper and look at source material, like where exactly did this ritual… Continue reading The Birth of Venus

Alchemy Panel Discussion, Distill your Own Hydrosols & Hydrosol Encounter

As part of the Alchemy & Medicine of the Soul workshop we have three other happenings taking place all within the Santa Monica Mountain area. Please note there is limited space available for some of these events, be mindful to grab your seat while they are available! ___________________________________________________________________________ Alchemy Panel Discussion with Cathy Skipper, Dr.… Continue reading Alchemy Panel Discussion, Distill your Own Hydrosols & Hydrosol Encounter

Downton Abbey

My new favorite television show has been Downton Abbey, indeed, another British program. The series takes place on a fictional estate located in Yorkshire England. The first season occurs at the end of the La Belle Époque from April 1912 to July 1914. Since the ladies in the program have bottles of perfume on their… Continue reading Downton Abbey

Eau de Blossom

Spring is now trending across the United States with the spectacle of blossoming trees, particularly fruit trees. Within time, after visits from the several local pollinators including honey bees, the little flowers will dry and the fruit will reveal itself. My ode to Spring, Blossom Eau de Cologne, is back in stock. The fresh, sunny… Continue reading Eau de Blossom

Happy, Happy!

Happy 4th of July and cheers to Freedom! This image above was sent to us by our cousin Rex in San Francisco. Curious about it, I noticed the word Shorpo on the bottom corner and discovered a historic photo archive. Stars and Stripes: 1915Washington, D.C., circa 1915. “Birth of the American flag.” Here are a… Continue reading Happy, Happy!