Gift of Prose

I’ve been silently bemoaning the fact that Heather, of the blog Memory and Desire, has gone into a hermetic phase. I find her to be such an exquisite writer and innovative thinker. She blends her skill in the right and left hemispheres beautifully. Artistic, creative thought with high intellect. If you have not checked out… Continue reading Gift of Prose

A Secret in the Forest

The main green notes in perfumes come from leaves and stems which give the impression of the scent of grass and crushed leaves. Heather Ettlinger of the blog “Memory and Desire” has just posted an entry about green perfumes which include our “Q” and Sierra. When I begin a perfume I don’t generally start with… Continue reading A Secret in the Forest

Perfume Inside the Poem

Heather Ettlinger, devotee of both perfume and poetry, has fused her love into a fun and creative project on her blog Memory and Desire. Heather has attracted fourteen perfumers from different terrains to participate. The collaboration is called Perfume Inside the Poem and centers around the Ezra Pound poem titled In a Station of the… Continue reading Perfume Inside the Poem