“Deep in their roots, all flowers keep the light.” ~ Theodore Roethke It’s root vegetable season, very evident at the Santa Fe farmers market. In California, where the growing season is all year long for the most part, you don’t witness the shift that occurs in the plants as much, a shift which humans also… Continue reading Rooted

The Arrival

It has arrived, palatable to all the senses, but most to the physical body. The weekly adventure of rising at dawn, sometimes before any light is due to arrive for hours, has presented itself. Tic-toc, we have arrived at the rhythm of the school year. Soon the cool air of the autumn with golden leaves… Continue reading The Arrival


In the United States today we celebrate Thanksgiving, another holy day that started with a great premise but has turned rather surreal, in my opinion. The masses seem to view this day more about food and football than gratitude. Sigh. However, I have learned that instead of focusing on what I dislike in others, I… Continue reading Gratitude