Bee-ing Green

When I contemplate the “green” note in a perfume, it is so much more than just the scent. At the core are the ingredients, how are they grown, obtained, processed and then brought to the market. Is the soul of the plant, the quintessence, still contained in the material that is being used? Or have… Continue reading Bee-ing Green

Erin go Bragh

A very happy St. Patrick’s Day to everyone. Lucky us here in southern California we FINALLY got some rain, hooray! The plants and the honey bees must be so happy. My perfume of the today shall be the super green Hedera helix, the runner up is GreenWitch. Both have a Celtic vibe to them, besides… Continue reading Erin go Bragh

Botanical Tapestry

In the nineties we discovered and swooned over the work of artist Andy Goldworthy, now we have the french botanist deemed a “vertical garden designer” Patrick Blanc. Patricks glorious botanical tapestries are beautiful to gaze at while providing all the benefits of garden. I can just imagine the natural botanical perfume emanating from these pieces… Continue reading Botanical Tapestry

Daily Dose of Green

Today’s theme is green as I am going to filter the new batch of Hedera helix liquid and am making more GreenWitch. I smell very Spring-like and fresh, nice contrast for winter gloom. The plant photos were taken at our local nursery called Sperling, the pinned bug is from our collection. Images ©RoxanaVilla

Paradiso Perduto

I’ve been wearing Hedera helix almost daily as of late, sometimes by choice and sometimes just from making so much of it lately. My clothes are infused with the green, floral heaven that it is and since the longevity is tenacious I can often smell it on my skin the next day. Last night Greg… Continue reading Paradiso Perduto