Gratitude Sale

I’m so very grateful you’re here, reading this post, it really means quite a bit that we get to stay in touch. As part of expressing my love and gratitude, I’ve created a special sale just for YOU that begins at midnight (mountain time) November 29th until December 2nd. For every purchase of a solid… Continue reading Gratitude Sale


As a gesture of gratitude for your support of handmade, authentic botanical perfume please take 10% discount on any order over $25.  Use the code THX until midnight PST on Monday on the website. Please note I am starting to run out of a few perfumes thus some are only available in specific sizes. If… Continue reading Gratitude


It’s the day of gratitude once more here in the United States, a tradition started back in 1691 at a meal with the Plymouth colonists and Wampanoag Indians. Greg and I are headed off to Riverside to his sisters mansion for a gathering of the Spalenka tribe. On Saturday there is a 80 birthday celebration… Continue reading Gratitude

of Service

Sending tendrils of warm and aromatic gratitude to all those who devote themselves to service and a higher cause. One of the most visionary actions I’ve witnessed a politician do is work towards creating a Department of Peace. It’s brilliant, so much so that those in the dark can’t even see it. I don’t know… Continue reading of Service


At this past Saturn day and night events I was once again reminded about how much we have to be grateful for, especially those of us that have the opportunity to live in America. Yes, I know, things are rather challenging in the “land of the free” at the moment. However, there are still many… Continue reading Gratitude

Happy Ending

As we hurl toward the end of 2008 and into the splendor of 2009 I marvel at the long list of beautiful individuals that have brightened our planet and *my* life. Thus, with tremendous gratitude, here are a few of the gentle folk that have made 2008 just great: My family, including, Maestro Gregorio, Martha… Continue reading Happy Ending

Solid Gold

The living room has been converted into a temporary photography studio as we continue to photograph all our botanical perfumes. That will change on Thursday, of course, when invitees will come to celebrate the day of gratitude. In the shot above is the Sierra Solid Gold perfume within the antique finished compact along with its… Continue reading Solid Gold

Prosperity Accord

Continuing on from yesterdays post on weaving magic into botanical perfume formulation I will share some of the methodology utilized in the magical accord within the Sierra solid perfume. To read the initial post on the Sierra solid perfume from November 8th click here. I began by looking at the planetary associations and influences with… Continue reading Prosperity Accord