Chocolate please!

After much research and speaking with experts I have reformulated the chocolate solid natural perfumes with apparent success. Before putting them in the shop I thought I’d get some feedback from all you lovely folks as well as take some time to observe them a bit. Whose game? I have sixteen pink pots to share.… Continue reading Chocolate please!

Perfume Illuminated Collected Works

All the links to the Perfume Illuminated project posts have been collected here, beginning with the post that introduces the series: Perfume Illuminated, Day 1Definition: TinctureEntropyPerfume Illuminated: VioletPerfume Illuminated: BirchPerfume Illuminated: LemonTea for TwoPerfume Illuminated: AphrodisiacsPerfume Illuminated: Chocolate, Wine and RosesPerfume Illuminated: TigerPerfume Illuminated: CannabisPerfume Illuminated: SagePerfume Illuminated: SeaweedPerfume Illuminated: RaspberryPerfume Illuminated: MarzipanPerfume Illuminated: PepperPerfume… Continue reading Perfume Illuminated Collected Works

Perfume Illuminated: Tiger

The TigerBy William Blake TIGER, tiger, burning brightIn the forests of the night,What immortal hand or eyeCould frame thy fearful symmetry? In what distant deeps or skiesBurnt the fire of thine eyes?On what wings dare he aspire?What the hand dare seize the fire? And what shoulder and what artCould twist the sinews of thy heart?And… Continue reading Perfume Illuminated: Tiger

Perfume Illuminated: Birch

For today’s contribution to the Perfume Illuminated Project my co-creator Beth and I have decided to focus on the flavor and fragrance of Birch. This was brought on by the realization that we are in the Celtic Lunar phase of the Birch. Auspiciously, or perhaps synchronistically, the Ogham letter for the Birch is “B” for… Continue reading Perfume Illuminated: Birch