Perfume Illuminated: Apple

“With an apple I will astonish Paris.” ~ Cezanne The weather here in southern California is still very Summer like, despite the Labor Day weekend indicating the arrival of Autumn. Today, in alignment with the forthcoming season and current offerings at the farmers market we shall highlight apples as our honored fragrance and flavor guest.… Continue reading Perfume Illuminated: Apple

Perfume Illuminated: Raspberry

The fruit trees last week were in full bloom here in the City of Angels. I witnessed it on a stroll, regrettably without a camera, just when the blossoms were in flower without any leaves. Such a glorious site. These fruit trees will soon dislay their fresh green cloak for the new season adorned with… Continue reading Perfume Illuminated: Raspberry

Forbidden Fruit

In the kitchen the other day I remarked, “Something smells fruity.” My teenage daughter rolled her eyes answering, “Mom, everything smells fruity to you lately!” Well, not everything, although I have been picking out the fruit note in a number of items that normally I would not have. It’s as if my olfactory antenna is… Continue reading Forbidden Fruit