Palette Exploration: Chypre Perfumes

Tonight from 6:30 to 8:30 at the perfumery we are going to delve into the botanical essences used to create a Chypre style perfume. This fragrance classification was introduced in the 19th century but made popular in 1917 by François Coty with the release of Coty’s ‘Chypre’ and Guerlain with . The French word comes… Continue reading Palette Exploration: Chypre Perfumes

Perfume Illuminated: Raspberry

The fruit trees last week were in full bloom here in the City of Angels. I witnessed it on a stroll, regrettably without a camera, just when the blossoms were in flower without any leaves. Such a glorious site. These fruit trees will soon dislay their fresh green cloak for the new season adorned with… Continue reading Perfume Illuminated: Raspberry

As Noted

I often get asked to “reveal” more of the notes in my perfumes. When this query is presented I wonder what exactly is being asked. For example is it the fragrance notes or the ingredients that the enquirer is interested in? If it is the fragrance notes then I ask them, “Well, what fragrance notes… Continue reading As Noted

Aromatic Journey: Fragrance Families

For the Aromatic Journey post over at Lillyella today I contributed a rather lengthy piece about categorizing fragrances into families. If I had published the post here it would have been placed within the “In the Raw” archives where we learn about the raw materials of botanical perfume. There is also a recipe there to… Continue reading Aromatic Journey: Fragrance Families


I have always associated the word Sanguine with one of the four humors as theorized by the Alchemists. Pondering the term the other day I had a thought that the word must also have a related meaning to blood, since in Spanish the word for blood is sangre. Sure enough, upon exploration, I discovered that… Continue reading Sanguine

A Secret in the Forest

The main green notes in perfumes come from leaves and stems which give the impression of the scent of grass and crushed leaves. Heather Ettlinger of the blog “Memory and Desire” has just posted an entry about green perfumes which include our “Q” and Sierra. When I begin a perfume I don’t generally start with… Continue reading A Secret in the Forest