Floral Consciousness on Valentine’s Day!

“With an increased floral consciousness, humans will begin to make full use of their ‘light brain’  and make more refined and sophisticated use of their ‘smell brain.’ The two are portentously linked. In fact, they overlap to such an extent that they may be considered inseparable.” — Tom Robbins, Jitterbug Perfume Saturday, February 14th from… Continue reading Floral Consciousness on Valentine’s Day!

Friday Flowers

Currently the prominent colors in the woodland are moving into the dark greens of the live oak, ash browns of various tree bark and the rust of fallen leaves. The native plants have been in their summer slumber and are now starting to awaken by the recent rain and cooler temperature. Amidst the more somber… Continue reading Friday Flowers


One of the primary exercises in art school is doing a drawing using perspective. Generally we learn one point perspective usually based on the geometrical horizon. The exercise is then followed with creating an image with two, three or more points. Today I offer you an intersection of five point perspective on the natural perfume… Continue reading Perspective

Page 47

“You are an alchemist, make gold of that!”~ Shakespeare A new series of fragrances has been birthed. As you may recall, last year in August I had a few hours to myself and decided to create a bespoke solid perfume. I gathered my favorite essences and quickly formulated a scent. Eventually I released the perfume… Continue reading Page 47

Soul Food

“Food nourishes the Body, but Flowers nourish the Soul.” ~ Ancient Proverb In the botanical perfumers palette the most expensive and valuable essences are those that come from the heavenly domain of the flowers. Floral notes give body and heart to a perfume. The essences most often used to add a sensuous bouquet include: RoseJasmineOrange… Continue reading Soul Food

LYRA: new edition

“I found God within myself and I loved her, I loved her fiercely.”~ Ntozake Shange To celebrate the latest edition of Lyra, our resident illuminator Greg Spalenka, has created a new image. Although the other image is stunning, one of my personal favorites, she is just not quite the right mood for the delightful dance… Continue reading LYRA: new edition

Name that note

He arrived back from the farmers market with the usual suspects: greens for juicing, plenty of salad greens, plump berries of all kinds and a surprise! I thought, mmmm chocolate perhaps? He instructed me to close my eyes, which I did obediently. Then he said “Now smell this.” Oh, I thought, not chocolate, brain switches… Continue reading Name that note