Figure 1: Noir Solid Natural Perfume is back!!

Wishing you all an absolutely splendid new seasonal cycle of the great agricultural wheel, transitioning us from light to dark. Breath in the deep, transformative energetics vibrating through the web of life as we step through the threshold, morphing into our highest and most divine self. Some refer to this as a celebration of the… Continue reading Figure 1: Noir Solid Natural Perfume is back!!

Friday Fabulous!

Sandwiched between Thursday and Saturday is Friday, my absolute favorite day of the week. Friday is associated with Venus, the bright star of the morning and evening. The day is blessed by many Goddesses of the devoted to love and beauty. Attributes of the day are aligned with harmony, pleasure, romance and sensuality. Some traditions… Continue reading Friday Fabulous!

The Recruits

I’ve recruited some ladies with great taste for judging all the beautiful boards that are being submitted for the Pin it to Win it contest. These fine ladies will be evaluating each of the Fig. 1: Noir natural perfume boards and voting for the one that they feel represents the fragrance the best. Gaia –… Continue reading The Recruits