Interview with Perfumer, Roxana Villa

Back in March, the blog editor over at Ziibra contacted me requesting an interview. I replied with a “Yes, I’d love to!” immediately. Here is the link below, what you should know before ready is that I get a bit passionate about what drives and triggers me. There’s so much deception in perfume, which includes… Continue reading Interview with Perfumer, Roxana Villa


I have two new features to share with you, one includes a photo rich interview at the Pure Green Magazine blog and the other is write up on the perfumery in a series titled “Inspiring Workspaces” at Etsy. Enjoy!

Come Have a Peek

While in Seattle at the Beyond Aromatics Conference I met with Omri Mor, the founder & CEO of ZIIBRA. Ziibra is a new kind of marketplace which features makers with videos telling their story and an opportunity to subscribe to their offerings. I liked Omri and his vision right away and am here to share… Continue reading Come Have a Peek

Watery Friday News

Happy Venus Day! Here in the woodland we finally have rain!!! Not just a little, but quite a deluge that began last night and has come and gone since. The biggest part of the storm is due to hit today. The plants in my garden and very happy as are the bees, birds and butterflies.On… Continue reading Watery Friday News


The silver shine of the waxing crescent moon reveals several features this week. (Did you ever notice that the word scent is in the word cresent?) The first is a review of Impromptu by Gaia over at The Non-Blonde blog. The second is an overview of my shop and perfumes that have captivated the heart… Continue reading Featurerama

Eau Natural in the LA Times

Monday morning on October 3rd Denise Hamilton, critically acclaimed author and perfume contributor to the LA Times Magazine, stopped in for an interview. She was gathering data for her monthly column which would focus on natural perfume. As of late Denise has been promoting her latest novel Damage Control at local book stores here in… Continue reading Eau Natural in the LA Times