Movie Monday: Phantom Thread

On Friday evening Greg and I headed over to the Violet Crown to see Phantom Thread, the latest and supposedly last film of the formidable Daniel Day-Lewis. He portrays Reynolds Woodcock, a British couturier in 1950’s London with impeccable taste and a rather extreme and demanding temperament. If I were to choose an astrological sign for… Continue reading Movie Monday: Phantom Thread

Movie Monday: A Single Man

In 2009 fashion icon Tom Ford made his directorial debut with the gorgeous film A Single Man. Our man, who happens to be single, is the meticulous and handsome George, impeccably played by Colin Firth. The film is adapted from the 1964 novel by the writer Christopher Isherwood. Winner of several awards, the beautifully styled… Continue reading Movie Monday: A Single Man

Incorporeal Entity

“The best color in the whole world is the one that looks good on you.” ~ Coco Chanel In early December Greg was contacted to model for the dynamic color consultant Jennifer Butler. I squealed with delight when Greg mentioned it to me as I am a huge and advocate of her work, having incorporated… Continue reading Incorporeal Entity

Chroma Spring 2011

The 2011 Spring Fashion Report from Pantone has arrived featuring lots of soft pastels with some contradictions to the colors showcased by the large fashion houses. Where as the colors for Fall 2010 seemed to be based on the themes and trends in popular culture and current events, this assemble feels very traditional and specific… Continue reading Chroma Spring 2011

High Art

We are in full Comic Con prep mode here. Only two more days and time to pack up the car and head South. Besides all the product there are the elements for the booth. This year we are going for more of a shabby chic, Victorian quality. The store Bountiful in Venice is a huge… Continue reading High Art

Chanel in San Telmo

Karl Lagerfeld has been spotted doing a photo shoot for Chanel with Claudia Shiffer in the San Telmo region of Buenos Aires. Being from Buenos Aires, a lover of Chanel fashion and San Telmo I feel compelled to share the photos with you, enjoy! I suggest playing a Gardel Tango while enjoying the sites. These… Continue reading Chanel in San Telmo