An Interview – Artisanal Perfume

During the Summer 2013 FRAGments show the perfume blogger Stevie Wilson went around and interviewed several of the artists exhibiting their scented potions. Since she wasn’t able to get around to all the exhibitors she decided to interview many of the others by phone and via e-mail. Stevie was very gracious in giving me the… Continue reading An Interview – Artisanal Perfume

Show Time!

It feels like its been one show after another lately. First the SF Artisan Salon in March, followed by the one in Seattle in April and now Spectrum Art Live then finishing up with Fragments on the Summer Solstice in LA. Whew! At the SF Salon I introduced the first of the series of “Figures”… Continue reading Show Time!

Full throttle

It is full throttle “get ready for the show” here at in the woodland apothecary. Between creating synergies, decanting and making solid perfume I’m also working out all the final details for the booth.Helpers have been orchestrated, its mostly down to all the fine tuning of the visual and scented accoutrements. I’m giving a presentation… Continue reading Full throttle

Narative Art Exhibition

I am one of the contributing sixty five artists at the Survey Select Narrative Art Exhibition. The event has been organized by art lover/promoter and designer Mark Murphy. Over the years Mark has organized many events with artists including the Heaven and Hell collaborative exhibition, held at the Abbey church in San Diego, (which included… Continue reading Narative Art Exhibition

Another Voice

Last night I started jumping up and down, clapping and screaming when I heard Obama won. I rushed into the studio to tell Greg, and then both of us were jumping up and down screaming with glee. My teenage daughter walked in and proclaimed “You guys are spazes!” “Perception is an act of creation.” After… Continue reading Another Voice

Pictures, Perfumes & Acoustics, Oh My!

“O great creator of being grant us one more hour to perform our art and perfect our lives.” ~ Jim Morrison Sunday there is an opening for Greg’s art works at our local organic cafe. Along with the display of fantastical visions I will be there with botanical perfumes and “The Season of Us” will… Continue reading Pictures, Perfumes & Acoustics, Oh My!