Full Flower Moon Enfleurage

“Summer breeze, makes me feel fine, blowing through the jasmine in my mind.” ~ Seals & Crofts The advent of the full flower moon early this morning in Taurus-Scorpio seems like an auspicious time to delve deep into some sensual flower magic, thus I have written this new post about an ancient process called Enfleurage.… Continue reading Full Flower Moon Enfleurage

Gardenia Pomade 2019

As I begin writing this post it’s Friday, the day attributed to Venus, the Goddess of Love, quite fitting for the euphoric fragrance of Gardenias. The violet jars that I had ordered for the pomade arrived, thus, today I began scooping the 2019 Gardenia pomade of the enfleurage process, into the glass containers, causing a… Continue reading Gardenia Pomade 2019


I did it, and feeling extremely proud and grateful, a true to flower gardenia extraction! This elixir is like no other I have ever smelled, from the Tiara of Tahiti to Columbia. The extract is so pure and true, nothing compares but the white floral soul of Gardenia herself. Since the extraction also produced a… Continue reading ✨GARDENIA✨

White Flower Season

The white flower season begins here in the garden of pure fumes with gardenia, then gradually overlaps with jasmine sambac which overlaps with plumeria.  I was lucky to get extra gardenias from my mothers plant which is much larger and more abundant than mine. The gardenias are now done but we are in the thick… Continue reading White Flower Season

Do you think amethysts can be the souls of good violets?

The title for todays post Anne of Green Gables. The violets are coming up in quite a bounty due to our rain fall. This year, instead of a tincture I am placing the delightful little flowers on a bed of botanical fat to infuse their intoxicating odor. The process is called enfleurage, we know it… Continue reading Do you think amethysts can be the souls of good violets?

Summer to Autumn

Two days ago it was warm and I was harvesting jasmine flowers for the ongoing enfleurage. Monday night the weather suddenly changed – as if day light savings time were a window that was abruptly opened. All of a sudden we’ve got substantially cooler weather, so cool that my little jasmine sambac flowers this morning… Continue reading Summer to Autumn