Ending week festvities

The past two weeks have been spent in much artistic splendor while my daughter Eve has been on her Spring break. We did a variety of creative and fun tasks together including cooking, painting, shopping, looking through old family photos, contemplating items for the house design, watching films, listening to books on tape, taking photos… Continue reading Ending week festvities

Taste of Ecuador

Sunday afternoon we celebrated my birthday by inviting a few family members and friends over to our little house in the woods. To my delight Green Power Girl came by, what a treat, I just LOVE her! She didn’t bring her Solar Scepter though. (Darn!) We decided to do a “Taste of Ecuador” type meal… Continue reading Taste of Ecuador


We awoke early on our first morning in the Ecuadorian Amazon. We were to meet Howard and Eve for breakfast and then hook up with our guide, Patricio. At 8am we met the guide who had us fitted with vinyl boots and ponchos for the rainforest. Next the four of us; Howard, Greg, Eve and… Continue reading AMAZONA

Into the Amazon

The number eleven is associated with intuition, patience, honesty, sensitivity and spirituality. In most numerology systems it is a master number and the Light Bearer. Thus, on the eleventh day of our visit in the Republic of the Equator, we headed southeast toward an adventure in Puyo, the center of Ecuador’s Amazon. On the scheduled… Continue reading Into the Amazon

Archaeological Estancia

Continuing with the showcase of our trip to Ecuador, we left off on the tenth day,where we visited the Cotopaxi Hacienda San Agustin.A Hacienda is a large estate for farming or ranching,in Argentina we use the word Estancia for a similar type dwelling. The St. Agustin Hacienda de Callo goes by the name Inca House,… Continue reading Archaeological Estancia


On the tenth day of our visit in Ecuador our host Eduardo and his friend Daniel took us to the Hacienda St. Agustin just under the strato volcano Cotopaxi. We took so many photos on this day that I am going to publish this excursion in a few parts. Like many of our excursions in… Continue reading Cotopaxi

Indigenous: Part Two

After our visit of the Cochasqui pyramid site we headed North toward Otavalo, set in a valley surrounded by three volcanoes Imbabura, Cotacachi and Mojanda. On Saturday is the infamous outdoor market with the indigenous Otavaleños, famed for their textiles. From seventy surrounding villages nearby native people come to this market and sell their beautiful… Continue reading Indigenous: Part Two

Indigenous: Part One

The sun, the moon and the stars would have disappeared long ago … had they happened to be within the reach of predatory human hands. ~Havelock Ellis, The Dance of Life, 1923 The number nine in Hinduism is revered and considered divine because it denotes completion. Three times three equals nine. On the ninth day… Continue reading Indigenous: Part One


On the eighth day of our Ecuadorian adventure Eduardo took us over to the Botanical Gardens of Quito. This had been suggested to us by the Botany teacher at the University while we conversed on the subject of perfume and the Amazon. The Jardin Botanico de Quito offers a stunning display of plants encompassing all… Continue reading Orchidarium


One of our favorite foods discovered in Ecuador is their Locro. Locro is a soup made with Ecuadorian potatoes which are yellow, cheese and fresh avocado. In Argentina we have a version of Locro but it is more like a stew, made with corn and meat instead of the Ecuadorian vegetarian version. Here is a… Continue reading Locro