Lyra is back!

Lyra is back in all formats: solid, perfume extrait and the new eau de parfum! The difference between the three is in the base materials and concentration. The solid contains beeswax, jojoba and an infusion where as the extrait and EdP are in 190 proof alcohol. The difference in the concentration of the two liquids… Continue reading Lyra is back!

Eau de Parfum and other fragrance terminology

Recently I was asked a question based on this one “What is the difference between perfume, parfum extrait and an Eau de Parfum?” I thought I’d address it here at the journal so that in the future I can send peeps to this source. Perfume is a generic word, the origin comes from the Latin,… Continue reading Eau de Parfum and other fragrance terminology


The Vespertina Eau de Parfum was filtered yesterday and has infused the Agoura workspace with the most divine and delicious aroma of woods, resin and florals all weaved together. There is approximately eight ounces of this first batch of the 2015 edition. Greg and I are still hard at work on the LookBook which will… Continue reading Vespers