How to Make a Coffee Scrub

Jade Shutes, my aromatherapy teacher, has been doing a series titledĀ 21 days: 21 Recipes and Remedies. I’m here to share with each of you and tag along. For Day 10 Jade posted how to make an absolutely delicious sounding Coffee scrub that contains infusions of vanilla. Here is the link to my related Perfume Illuminated:… Continue reading How to Make a Coffee Scrub

Aromatic Garland

Herbal and floral garlands, also referred to as “swags”, are a variation on the wreath theme. Spring and summer bring us a plethora of plant materials to make bringing a bit of nature into the home a breeze. My monthly contribution to the Lillyella blog is super simple do it yourself “Herbal Garland” project that… Continue reading Aromatic Garland