NATURE not natural

The word natural is getting even more abused than when I first started making fragrance. Most perfume brands claiming to be ‚Äúnatural” go to extreme measures to hide that they use any type of synthetics by greenwashing their wording and confusing the public. A few terms I have been seeing a lot lately are: “100%… Continue reading NATURE not natural

Eau de Parfum and other fragrance terminology

Recently I was asked a question based on this one “What is the difference between perfume, parfum extrait and an Eau de Parfum?” I thought I’d address it here at the journal so that in the future I can send peeps to this source. Perfume is a generic word, the origin comes from the Latin,… Continue reading Eau de Parfum and other fragrance terminology

Is botanical perfume for you?

Botanical perfume is a niche market, appealing to those who are seeking a more authentic experience with nature and the vitality of a fragrance made by hand with a palette of botanicals. As mentioned in the post defining botanical perfumery, the word “natural” does not mean what we believe it to mean, especially within the… Continue reading Is botanical perfume for you?

Definitions: Tincture

As part of the Perfume Illuminated series I am starting a section on descriptions so that when we delve into our formularies we have a point of reference. Tincture:tinc ture /ting(k)-cher/An alcohol extraction of a material utilized in herbal medicine, cosmetic preparations and natural perfumery. The etymology of the word comes from the latin tinctura… Continue reading Definitions: Tincture