Everyone perceives things differently, for example, have six people smell fresh ginger essential oil on an unlabeled scent strip and ask them what they smell. Most of us realize this as young children in school, for me it came as bitter medicine when the teacher would ask a question and I would be the only… Continue reading Stranger

Marilyn Neuhart 1930 – 2017

As I entered the Girard wing at the Museum of International Folk Art here in Santa Fe, I stopped abruptly and had to catch my breath, stunned at how much it “felt” and resembled the interior of the Neuhart house in Hermosa Beach, CA. It comes of no surprise of course, given that Alexander Girard… Continue reading Marilyn Neuhart 1930 – 2017

Cabinet of Curiosity: Week 1

The creative Cabinet of Curiosity fling began on Friday, March 7th has turned into an almost daily ritual. Each day, if inspired, I’ve been creating little scenes using bits and pieces of collected paraphenilia ranging from herbs, leaves, found objects, ribbons – anything that will add to the visual story. The composition is usually captured… Continue reading Cabinet of Curiosity: Week 1


I had intended on attending a trade show today but couldn’t get a pass, thus my day was fairly open and then the muse walked in. She arrives very spontaneously and usually leaves a trail of art and disaster since creativity is, after all, a bit like a hurricane. There’s a nice article about creativity… Continue reading Musing

Touched Creatively

“Success is not final, failure is not fatal:  it is the courage to continue that counts.”  -Winston Churchill  I am feeling super grateful to Jodi of Touched Creatively. Please head on over to her blog to read her impressions and how she has been touched creatively by my handmade natural and botanical perfumes. Her blog… Continue reading Touched Creatively

A whimsical notion

According to one of the definitions of crochet as a noun is “an odd fancy or whimsical notion.” Rather nice don’t you think? Here are some new and old photos of the beautiful, crochet pouches which have been made exclusively for our illuminated perfumes, in keeping with a sophisticated handmade aesthetic. Reading further, in… Continue reading A whimsical notion

Love Notes

Yesterday morning I got the paints out and have been working on a few Valentines for a select group of about twelve individuals. My intention is to get them finished and out in the mail today with the new bundle of orders. Julia Cameron, the author of the Artist’s Way, encourages creativity by “playing” with… Continue reading Love Notes