Marilyn Neuhart 1930 – 2017

As I entered the Girard wing at the Museum of International Folk Art here in Santa Fe, I stopped abruptly and had to catch my breath, stunned at how much it “felt” and resembled the interior of the Neuhart house in Hermosa Beach, CA. It comes of no surprise of course, given that Alexander Girard… Continue reading Marilyn Neuhart 1930 – 2017

An Updated Palette

Last Spring I had my color palette updated by the leader of the True Beauty Movement, Jennifer Butler. Shortly there after Jennifer asked join her in a series she offers. Here is the link to the public video, the other videos recorded on the same day, are available to her membership groups. My color palette… Continue reading An Updated Palette

Summer Essence Event and NEW pure fume!

Join me and the mastery of Jennifer Butler this Sunday, August 7th for an extraordinary community event revolving on the theme of the Summer essence. SCENTI will give a presentation and unveil my newest fragrance. The starting point was the essence of summer with melodies evoking the divine feminine. I’ve weaved fine threads of jasmine… Continue reading Summer Essence Event and NEW pure fume!

What are your favorite FALL Colors in 2015?

FALL officially arrived to Northern hemis-peeps* the day of the Autumnal Equinox,  but to us here in parched Los Angeles the sign posts became obvious this week. Ginkgo biloba, Liquidambar, Lagerstroemia indica (aka crepe/crape myrtle) and the two natives Platanus racemosa (California sycamore) and Vitis californica have been displaying their beautiful cloaks. The Liquidambars being the most stunning… Continue reading What are your favorite FALL Colors in 2015?

Color Wheel

When I worked out what I wanted to communicate through Roxana Illuminated Perfume as a brand there was an element of the artistic and creative at the core, since that’s my history, or what I like to say “her”story. So, I choose a color for each perfume, at the time this was a somewhat novel… Continue reading Color Wheel

Plant Dye Demo ReCap

The plant dye demo on Saturday was great fun. Despite the rain we had a terrific gathering of ladies ranging from devotees of gardening, native plants, the fiber community, Waldorf and artists. We arrived at the perfumery early to begin organizing elements for the day. Mona began warming the color, I hung the pre-dyed square… Continue reading Plant Dye Demo ReCap

Radiant Orchids

Pantone, the self deemed authority on color , has deemed “Radiant Orchid” the color of 2014. This cool yet warm hue, which gently lounges on the fringes of red violet, has an affinity with the color harmony of Gracing the Dawn and Cimbalom. In fact, if you were to take the lavender shade of Gracing… Continue reading Radiant Orchids

Movie Monday: Her

I met my friend Joan at the Arclight Cinema cafe for a bite before going in to see “Her”, the latest film by Spike Jonze which he wrote and directed. We both ordered the seared Ahi, which was perfection, caught up with each others lives for an hour and then went into the theater. “Her” is a… Continue reading Movie Monday: Her