Impending Darkness

The night and day of equal length beckons us in the Northern hemisphere to prepare for the shadow, the season of the dark and cooler temperatures. Called by many names including Mabon, Autumnal Equinox and Meán Fómhair, the pagan holy day of the harvest reminds us to be grateful, assess where we are at and begin… Continue reading Impending Darkness


One of the biggest challenges for the natural perfumer who works with a restricted palette of botanical raw materials, is that they are rare aromatic gems that every once in awhile disappear off the market. I stepped into the world of aromatherapy in the mid 1990’s when many essences were much easier to purchase and… Continue reading Mutations

You say it’s your birthday It’s my birthday too, yeah!

On this day back in the early sixties, I was born in the capital of Argentina, the port city of Buenos Aires. It was a Monday, Marilyn Monroe had died of a supposed overdose a week prior and on that day Ringo Starr stepped in as drummer for the Beatles. As I’ve done twice in… Continue reading You say it’s your birthday It’s my birthday too, yeah!

Cimbalom Winner

It’s Friday and the weather here in southern California is sunny and warm, finally! On this day, associated with the Goddess of love and beauty, I have used the Randomizer to select a winner of the Cimbalom giveaway. The winner mentioned she would like to try Chaparral, her name is Margaret. Congratulations to Margaret who… Continue reading Cimbalom Winner

Cimbalom Natural Perfume Review and Giveaway

From Cleveland with love, Beth has written a terrific review of Cimbalom weaved in with her special flair for flavor and great story telling. Please find your way over to Perfume Smellin’ Things for a fabulous “Foodie Sunday” edition with an opportunity to win a vial and pink pot of Cimbalom natural and botanical perfume.… Continue reading Cimbalom Natural Perfume Review and Giveaway

The Composite

I’ve been doing these composites of photos for my perfumes lately. Above is the one I did for Cimbalom, which was sent out with the press release. The full moon bestowed an enormous amount of orders on this little apothecary in the woods and thus I am super backlogged. The landslide is attributed to having… Continue reading The Composite