The Art of Chocolate

The new perfumery here in Santa Fe, New Mexico has an ample lab/studio in the upstairs area where I finally have enough space to develop and work on larger scale projects. There is also Green River Pottery, a ceramic studio in the same building where I plan to make related perfume items. A another door down is… Continue reading The Art of Chocolate

Chia Seed, Coconut Chocolate Pudding

As I typed the title for the post I wondered if anyone had distilled chia seeds, because if so these could be the ingredients for the start of a comforting, gourmand perfume! Ever since tasting a sample of a chocolate vegan pudding from the Erewhon Market in Agoura Hills, I’ve been experimenting with making one… Continue reading Chia Seed, Coconut Chocolate Pudding

Chocolate Natural Solid Perfumes are back!

As promised, the chocolate natural solid perfumes are back. It’s taken quite a lot of experiments but the beast has now been tamed and ready to share. I’ve been conducting some tests while at the workshop and am happy to share that the general response has been swoons. At the moment all I’ve listed on… Continue reading Chocolate Natural Solid Perfumes are back!


I’ve been making a few minor adjustments to the chocolates. There are new “flavors” and the samples have changed slightly due to a brilliant idea contributed by Gregs friend Jeff, a graphic designer who was here the other night. The formula for Figure 1: Noir has been slightly enhanced, the basic synergy is delicious, sexy… Continue reading Adjustments

Chocolate please!

After much research and speaking with experts I have reformulated the chocolate solid natural perfumes with apparent success. Before putting them in the shop I thought I’d get some feedback from all you lovely folks as well as take some time to observe them a bit. Whose game? I have sixteen pink pots to share.… Continue reading Chocolate please!

Chiaroscuro Solid October 2012

 The skyrocketing sales of solid, natural perfume during the last month has created a few shifts in the studio. One of them is creating much larger batches of each synergy. During the deluge of the feature the I sat down to make more of the synergies, one was for Chiaroscuro solid. I multiplied the formula… Continue reading Chiaroscuro Solid October 2012

LA Fragrance Event

The LA Artisan Fragrance Salon took place yesterday alongside the Chocolate Salon at the Santa Monica Civic. Since Eve is away at college in Vermont, I had her friend My come and help out along with Greg. What a godsend to have them both! We arrived early to get the booth all dolled up in… Continue reading LA Fragrance Event

May Contain Nirvana

This Sunday is the LA Artisan Fragrance Salon happening right here, just through the mountain pass to the Pacific at the Santa Monica Civic Auditorium. I’ll be there with the new jasmine perfume, the usual suspects of botanically scented delights from my apothecary and a surprise. At 12:40pm I am scheduled to give a presentation… Continue reading May Contain Nirvana