The alchemical trinity of Chaparral

The perfume Chaparral is not a reference to the creosote bush, Larrea tridentata, which sometimes goes by many name chaparral, as well as greasewood and la gobernadora. I named the fragrance after the California biome distinguished by wet winters, hot summers and drought-tolerant shrub land. This biome is also found in the Mediterranean, South America, Australia… Continue reading The alchemical trinity of Chaparral

Chaparral in C Magazine!

The summer issue of C Magazine has a fabulous article about the Scent Event in San Francisco orchestrated by author Alyssa Harad with chef Dana Tomasino. Chaparral®, which was translated into a salad for the meal, is described as “a woodsy, dry scent inspired by the native California landscape with hints of sage and frankincense…”


Seems to be an auspicious time for formulating perfume and manifesting ideas. Serendipity has visited me in the studio once again. It all started with clearing my drafting table to do some painting. The table had become a chaotic mess of paper with formulas, notes of items to order, tax prep and a magnet for… Continue reading Impromptu

Strange Flowers of Reason

“There are strange flowers of reason to match each error of the senses.”~ Louis Aragon The garden is starting to awaken. As mentioned previously the rosemary on the back slope is in full bloom. Out on the front slope where I have all the natives, the salvias have begun blooming. Salvia spathacea, known as Hummingbird… Continue reading Strange Flowers of Reason

In contrast

The coloration here in the woodland has slowly been turning more and more golden. Hills that were once bright green with the vitality of Spring rains have shifted to golden yellow and ochre. The heat and solar influence has slowly saturated the landscape. In the hillsides of Los Angeles, pretty much the only place you’ll… Continue reading In contrast