Celtic Tree Month of Oak

I’ve been diligently finalizing my paper for the proceedings of my presentation titled “The Tree of Life: A mystical approach to the art of botanical perfumery” for the Beyond Aromatics conference up in Seattle this Autumn. The paper is due today which happens to be the first day of the Celtic Tree Month of Oak.… Continue reading Celtic Tree Month of Oak

May Day!

Happy May Day! The Gaelic May Day festival known as Beltane (Beltaine) in the western world is here once more. The big seasonal wheel in the sky is at one of the eight spooks of the, the halfway point between the Spring Equinox and the upcoming Summer Solstice on June 21st. As many of you… Continue reading May Day!

Tree Ogham: Ivy

Greenest of the pastures, sweeter than grasses. Ivy, the twelfth letter in the Tree Ogham goes by the letter G and the name Gort, meaning green field or garden. According to Blamires some legends and poetry refer to honeysuckle and woodvine interchangeable with Ivy. We interpret the message of a plant by observing where and… Continue reading Tree Ogham: Ivy

Tree Ogham

The constant in Celtic tradition accepted by all the scholars is a deep reverence for nature, specifically the trees. Like the native people of the Americas, the Druids viewed the world holistically, seeing the connection between all things. There was an intrinsic understanding of the link between the physical/outer world and the spiritual/inner world. Most… Continue reading Tree Ogham