Impromptu Reviews

This is the official landing page for reviews of Impromptu botanical perfume as a constant in the line. First up is a paragraph from Sam and review Tom write for Perfume Posse, where he picks up on carnation as the primary note. “Impromptu is a morpher; a changeling. A fragrance with layers upon layers. A… Continue reading Impromptu Reviews

Dance of the Spirits

Aurora in her liquid form has returned! The formula is the same thus there should be no to very little shifts in the fragrance of this botanical perfume. Unlike many of my other perfumes, Aurora is quite simple in her composition, with only seventeen individual essences and no accords/chords. One of the precious ingredients is… Continue reading Dance of the Spirits

Perfume Illuminated: Pepper

Pepper, known as the King of spices, features prominently as the main character in tales of the spice trade. Botanically named Piper nigrum this warmth inducing berry began its journey across the world from India some four thousand years ago. A tropical vine, native to of the southern region of India, Piper nigrum produces a… Continue reading Perfume Illuminated: Pepper