A Perfumed Bestiary

Introducing a new series of fragrances that stitch together many of my favorite themes such as illuminated manuscripts, the cabinet of curiosity, magic, mythology, the environment, nature, animals, etc. And what better time to debut a project of this grandeur about our fellow inhabitants of this lovely blue planet than today Earth Day, April 22,… Continue reading A Perfumed Bestiary

Cabinet of Curiosity: Week 1

The creative Cabinet of Curiosity fling began on Friday, March 7th has turned into an almost daily ritual. Each day, if inspired, I’ve been creating little scenes using bits and pieces of collected paraphenilia ranging from herbs, leaves, found objects, ribbons – anything that will add to the visual story. The composition is usually captured… Continue reading Cabinet of Curiosity: Week 1


I had intended on attending a trade show today but couldn’t get a pass, thus my day was fairly open and then the muse walked in. She arrives very spontaneously and usually leaves a trail of art and disaster since creativity is, after all, a bit like a hurricane. There’s a nice article about creativity… Continue reading Musing

Figure 1: Noir

Roxana Illuminated Perfume introduces a curious collection of natural perfume narratives beginning with Figure 1: Noir, a fragrance tailored for those with a passion for patchouli. From her tool box of artistic disciplines, Roxana illuminates an eccentric curiosity birthed of primordial earth. Figure 1: Noir is an intriguing perfume oddity, deep and resinous with a… Continue reading Figure 1: Noir

Illuminating the dark and mysterious

Figure 1: Noir was introduced at the San Francisco Artisan Fragrance event last month. Although the fragrance has not been formerly launched with the press release samples are already in the shop and reviews from happy noses are sprinkled throughout this post. Most importantly, and the reason for this post today, is the fantastic imagery… Continue reading Illuminating the dark and mysterious