Radiant Orchids

Pantone, the self deemed authority on color , has deemed “Radiant Orchid” the color of 2014. This cool yet warm hue, which gently lounges on the fringes of red violet, has an affinity with the color harmony of Gracing the Dawn and Cimbalom. In fact, if you were to take the lavender shade of Gracing… Continue reading Radiant Orchids

Botanical Tapestry

In the nineties we discovered and swooned over the work of artist Andy Goldworthy, now we have the french botanist deemed a “vertical garden designer” Patrick Blanc. Patricks glorious botanical tapestries are beautiful to gaze at while providing all the benefits of garden. I can just imagine the natural botanical perfume emanating from these pieces… Continue reading Botanical Tapestry

An Odoriferous Potion

The last week or so I’ve been craving a “stinky” note in perfume, not only to wear but also to include in formulations. This must be why I love Chaparral so much, it has it. What is the stinky note, called “rank” by perfumistas? Well, for moi it has an element of oud. It’s earthy,… Continue reading An Odoriferous Potion

Drawn to Flora

“Deep in their roots, all flowers keep the light” —Roethke A few months ago I came to the realization that I’ve been so focused on perfume and the business of perfume that I had stopped drawing regularly. Thus, I set the intention to pick up the pencil at least once a day and draw. Almost… Continue reading Drawn to Flora

An Illuminated Day

Myojourn this past Thursday at the Getty was inspirational and rejuvenating. The Getty Center truly is one of great cultural attractions we have here in Los Angeles. Nestled in the Santa Monica Mountains, among groves of Coastal Live Oaks, expansive views, a fantastic collection of art, beautiful gardens AND free lectures. One could arrive at… Continue reading An Illuminated Day

The Story of Stuff

Ever wonder where stuff comes from and what happens to it? This awesome little video explains it in a simple,easy to understand format.A must see! The Story of Stuff Another reason to support pure, botanical perfumes.Organic – Sustainable – Handcrafted Image “Blind Tech” ©Greg Spalenka www.spalenka.com