The 2017 Edition of Blossom is here!

“Flowers always make people better, happier, and more helpful;  they are sunshine, food and medicine to the mind.”  ― Luther Burbank Just when you thought that perhaps you had enough yummy jasmine in our lives with the hydrosol, Cimbalom, Chiaroscuro and Fleurish, I bring you the 2017 edition of Blossom. Can you tell I love… Continue reading The 2017 Edition of Blossom is here!


The daily gathering of little white florets from for the Jasmine sambac tincture continues. Although there was a bit of a dry spell of blossoms for about a week, the plants are flowering once more. These waxy, abundantly scented little flowers have been getting added to 190 proof grape alcohol since April of this year. Thursday… Continue reading Dailies

Happy Solstice!

Happy Solstice from the Santa Monica Mountains to each of you. The potted jasmine sambacs in my garden started their blooming cycle in April. Each morning I have been gathering the little white blossoms and placing them into the organic, 190 proof grape alcohol. The base starts off a crystalline clear liquid slowly turning toward… Continue reading Happy Solstice!


While straightening up the studio I happened across a few glass amber bottles containing Blossom Eau de Cologne. I poured them all together, then filtered to make sure any bits of the jasmine tincture and botanical extracts were gone and have listed the remnants here. This is all that is left of the 2013 edition.… Continue reading Blooming

Circle of Bliss

Blossom Eau de Cologne is now illuminated! Greg created the image with a photo of Gwen Cunningham, a local beauty who came by our little woodland abode back in the Spring when everything was blooming. I’ve listed a few bottles of Blossom with the temporary label while we work on getting new labels printed. The… Continue reading Circle of Bliss

Eau de Blossom

Spring is now trending across the United States with the spectacle of blossoming trees, particularly fruit trees. Within time, after visits from the several local pollinators including honey bees, the little flowers will dry and the fruit will reveal itself. My ode to Spring, Blossom Eau de Cologne, is back in stock. The fresh, sunny… Continue reading Eau de Blossom