A Dozen Roses

  Today we journey to the heart center with the flower governed by Venus along with six other bloggers. Please follow the links at the end of this post to travel to the other participants in this blogging feast centered around our 12 favorite rose-themed scents and/or products. Since I don’t use other products besides… Continue reading A Dozen Roses

Best of 2010

Round and round we go, spinning through the Universe on planet blue while breathing in deep. The end of the year is upon us and I am here to share some of the highlights of the year scented, unscented and within other realms of beauty and art. This entry is one segment of a collective… Continue reading Best of 2010


One of the primary exercises in art school is doing a drawing using perspective. Generally we learn one point perspective usually based on the geometrical horizon. The exercise is then followed with creating an image with two, three or more points. Today I offer you an intersection of five point perspective on the natural perfume… Continue reading Perspective

The Spell

Aligned in the firelight energetics of this Autumn season a group of bloggers has joined their brooms together casting a wide circle of enchantment. It was my friend and writer Beth Shreibman Gehring who alerted me to this event and what a perfect fit it was for me. The circle is centered around the book… Continue reading The Spell

Blog it Forward: BEE up

Thursday is ruled by Jupiter, the largest of the planets in our Solar System and named after the Roman god. In esoteric terms the influence of Jupiter corresponds to all things royal and abundant. Bestowed to you is a bountiful display of affection for the honey bee with members of the Global Etsy Artisans Gallery… Continue reading Blog it Forward: BEE up

May Flowers

Here in the Santa Monica Mountains where Topanga Days is in it’s third day, we have a visitor from New York. Leah, from Asking Leah, reminisces and shares the bounty of NYC in the Spring. Image: Lesbia and her Sparrow by Sir Edward John Poynter