Spring Fever

Thursday was Greg’s birthday. Since he is so busy finishing up his retrospective book and working on illustrating a Comic and a Tarot deck, spending the time celebrating was not on his agenda. Thus instead he conceded to a birthday lunch somewhat locally. The delicious uber-healthy lunch was followed by a bit of spontaneity. It all… Continue reading Spring Fever

50 Years on Planet Earth!

Last Thursday we celebrated my birthday, fifty years on planet Earth! Festivities started the evening prior with a pot of deliciously fragrant Stargazer lilies from the Gregster. How I adore the scent of these lilies! When Greg brought them in I was waerning earthy scents like Terrestre and Q, upon inhaling the heavy, sweet florals… Continue reading 50 Years on Planet Earth!

Moon Garden

The last of the trial edition of the temporarily titled Jasmine Noir is now gone. All that is left here is the written formula and a few drops to ponder as I move onto her next phase. Thanks to readers of this blog and loyal customers a name has been chosen which helped inform the… Continue reading Moon Garden

Magical Mystery Tour

Nineteen years ago, what seemed miraculous to me but a daily event on planet earth occurred in Culver City, California. Eve, my daughter was born. It was 6am, although my water broke at midnight labor didn’t begin until around 4am. She was born consciously on a small cot at a birth center. The journey has… Continue reading Magical Mystery Tour


“Return often and take me at night, when the lips and skin remember.”~ A snippet from a poem by Constantine P. Cavafy The third jasmine perfume in the Birthday series remained in a dark, cool hideaway completely topless for quite a long time. I rather liked her that way, but she wasn’t quite whole and… Continue reading Topless

You say it’s your birthday It’s my birthday too, yeah!

On this day back in the early sixties, I was born in the capital of Argentina, the port city of Buenos Aires. It was a Monday, Marilyn Monroe had died of a supposed overdose a week prior and on that day Ringo Starr stepped in as drummer for the Beatles. As I’ve done twice in… Continue reading You say it’s your birthday It’s my birthday too, yeah!

Happy Birthday!

“A birthday is just the first day of another 365-day journey around the sun.  Enjoy the trip.” ~ Author Unknown The birthday coupon, also known as the “Once a Year Discount” no longer exists. I am working on other specials and discounts to make up for the disappearance of this one. “Inside every older person is a younger… Continue reading Happy Birthday!

Page 47

“You are an alchemist, make gold of that!”~ Shakespeare A new series of fragrances has been birthed. As you may recall, last year in August I had a few hours to myself and decided to create a bespoke solid perfume. I gathered my favorite essences and quickly formulated a scent. Eventually I released the perfume… Continue reading Page 47