Perfume Illuminated: Birch

For today’s contribution to the Perfume Illuminated Project my co-creator Beth and I have decided to focus on the flavor and fragrance of Birch. This was brought on by the realization that we are in the Celtic Lunar phase of the Birch. Auspiciously, or perhaps synchronistically, the Ogham letter for the Birch is “B” for… Continue reading Perfume Illuminated: Birch

Celtic Lunar Month: Birch

“”The Birch was very noble,Armed herself but late,A sign not of cowardice,But of high estate.“ ~ “The White Goddess” by Robert Graves The first tree that is honored in the of cycle of the Celtic Lunar Month Calendar, according to the Beth-Luis-Nion system, is the Birch.  The celebration began on December 24th and lasts until… Continue reading Celtic Lunar Month: Birch