HoneyLove Wax Symposium

This Saturday is the annual HoneyLove Wax Symposium, I’ll be leading a class for the event titled “Scent and the Honey Bee” at the Culver City Headquarters here in LA. Where: Honey Love:¬†5950 W. Jefferson Blvd. #8, Los Angeles, California 90016 MAPWhat:¬†Learn how to make natural, solid beeswax perfume based on scents related to the… Continue reading HoneyLove Wax Symposium


The two bee hives here in the hills of the woodland are doing fabulously. We are planning a hive inspection this evening and will have further news shortly. In the meantime a fellow bee’k from my club, the Backwards Beekeepers, posted this little piece, enjoy. APILOGUE (Excerpt from Stein, Stung) My mother was a queen… Continue reading APILOGUE

Honey Lover

The latest collection in the ever expanding perfume lockets and cases is the Honey Bee emblem oval compact in jewel tones. Right now I have listed them with Blanc. If you want one with a specific fragrance send me a note. I’m working on loads of new perfumes including a series of soliflores which will… Continue reading Honey Lover

Wax Symposium

On Saturday Chelsea and Rob McFarland of HoneyLove hosted their yearly Wax Symposium. This year it was held at the Celia Gallery space in North Hollywood. Topics included:~ An introduction to urban beekeeping~ How honey bees gather nectar and pollen~ How nectar is converted into both honey and beeswax ~ How to make beeswax candles… Continue reading Wax Symposium

The Hive Report

The work on the garage roof and repair of the north retaining wall are done, thus we moved the two hives back. Moving hives is a messy matter and I don’t advise it, unless there is no other choice. The bees take a huge hit, resulting in large losses of forage bees and massive hit… Continue reading The Hive Report


I admit it, I’m a nut, a bit backwards. For example when everyone was getting computers I bought a letterpress. Modern perfumers chase the latest in synthetic aroma chemicals and isolates, me I sniff my plants, make tinctures and chase really expensive natural raw materials. The other day at a local city meeting one of… Continue reading Backwards

To Bee Reviews

I’ve collected some reviews and related prose of the natural botanical perfume To Bee, created in homage to the European honey bee. If you happen to know of one that I missed please chime in. Jessica at Now Smell ThisLucy at Indie PerfumeTrish at Scent HiveDonna at Perfume Smellin’ ThingsElena at Perfume ShrineMargi MacDonald at… Continue reading To Bee Reviews

Planting for Pollinators

On Saturday morning I trekked out to The Theodore Payne Foundation in Sun Valley for a special class titled Planting for Pollinators. The two hour seminar was tailored for the Backward Beekeepers with the educational director of the foundation, Lisa Novich. I’ve mentioned Lisa here before when we took a class in 2008 called “All… Continue reading Planting for Pollinators