Busy as a Bee

Last weekend was packed with three different bee related happenings along with lots of writing for aromatherapy journals and projects. Read my latest contribution to Fragrantica here. Most people rest on the weekends, not me, I must be part feral bee! Yes, I said feral, because they work much harder than the European honey bee.… Continue reading Busy as a Bee

The Flow Hive

Last Sunday morning Greg and I attended a HoneyLove meet up at the Rediscover Center in Venice Beach regarding the Flow Hive. Perhaps you heard about the IndieGogo campaign last year that raised over 12 million dollars for a beehive which miraculously gives you honey by the turn of a knob? I personally received loads… Continue reading The Flow Hive

HoneyLove Yellow Tie Event and Mellifera

Sunday evening HoneyLove is having their annual “Yellow Tie Event” to raise awareness about our important little pollinator while inspiring and educating new urban beekeepers! The late afternoon early evening affair will feature Yellow Carpet photos, great food, fun drinks, local honey tasting, and a special musical performance. I am donating an oval compact filled… Continue reading HoneyLove Yellow Tie Event and Mellifera

Bee Guardians

Yesterday morning, in downtown Los Angeles, the City Council approved a study to be done to approve urban beekeeping. This monumental event was in most part done by the efforts of Rob and Chelsea MacFarland of Honey Love. This comes on the heels of seventeen councils within the city of LA voting in favor of… Continue reading Bee Guardians

In the Garden: Early Spring

Here in the Southern California woodland Spring arrives early, even when we’ve had little to no rain. The first flowers to appear our on the back slope covered with rosemary, these begin to blossom as early as November. Right now the purple sage, botanically known as Salvia leucphylla, is blooming and the girls are all… Continue reading In the Garden: Early Spring