Aumbre is now available in the Eau de Parfum format. While I was decanting the potion my friend Wendel walked into the studio and let loose a torrent of descriptive words including, but, not limited to “Big Sur, crunchy leaves, ocean air, camp fire..” Then on Monday another girlfriend was here who upon inhaling the… Continue reading AUMBRE news

Ambre Jaune

Aumbre, my amber botanical perfume, is a bit of a shape shifter depending to ones olfactory geography. To my nose the aroma is incense, amber with a touch little gourmand, sweetness from the tonka bean. My friend Nancy was at the studio on Sunday and remarked that it smelled like woods. Thus, I now have… Continue reading Ambre Jaune


Serendity came by for a visit resulting in a new member of the illuminated tribe of perfumes. The new fragrance is titled Aumbre alluding to three other words: Amber, the Spanish word Hombre and the mystical Aum. Amber + Hombre + Aum = Aumbre. Amber is one of many linguistically challenging words in the world… Continue reading Aumbre