It’s a 22 day, a master number associated with the end of a cycle and divine creation and also auspiciously the first day of Leo. Number 22 is considered a master “builder” number, as it is 11, another master number, multiplied by two but with its energetic power magnified by four. “Number 22 is one… Continue reading 22

Mercury Day

Wednesday is attributed to the heavenly body, closest to the sun. Although small in size, it is dense and heavily cratered like the Moon. The astrological of signs Gemini and Venus are ruled by this messenger of the God and Goddess. There is dualistic, curious, versatile component. In a conversation with my local buddy Avery… Continue reading Mercury Day

Sun in Leo

Hello August, the month of Leo the Lion! This mighty yet warm hearted feline is ruled by the sun, like our little alchemist the honey bee. The big, regal cat purrs in the fantasy of ruling the realm, growls and roars when the illusion bursts. Believe me, I know, my sun is in Leo, although… Continue reading Sun in Leo

Friday Fabulous!

Sandwiched between Thursday and Saturday is Friday, my absolute favorite day of the week. Friday is associated with Venus, the bright star of the morning and evening. The day is blessed by many Goddesses of the devoted to love and beauty. Attributes of the day are aligned with harmony, pleasure, romance and sensuality. Some traditions… Continue reading Friday Fabulous!

The Winged Messenger

Wednesday is ruled by the planet Mercury which governs the mind and communication. Named after the Roman god, Mercury is the smallest planet in our solar system and closest to the Sun. In Greek mythology Mercury is the winged messenger known as Hermes. Astrologically Mercury rules Gemini and Virgo, two signs associated with intellect. In… Continue reading The Winged Messenger


We have moved into the Astrological phase of Gemini. With this a fellow Etsy seller, Morgen of InkySpider and Kootsac, has featured our botanical perfume, Vera, in her blog post titled Gift Giving through the Zodiac – Gemini. Her blog is titled “What does the Golden Mean?”, pretty clever. Christiane Goncalves, one of the many… Continue reading Mutable