Greg made hair appointments for the both of us on Saturday, thus reluctantly I left the studio with no clue how much fun the day would hold. Our adventure began with breakfast at a little French cafe in Venice with Greg’s art buddy Jeremy who brought along David, another English artist. As we sat sipping… Continue reading InSpire

Comic Con: Around the Booths

Normally while at Comic Con I spend much more time wondering the floor and checking out what friends, artists and fellow comrades are working on. These year was a little different in that I didn’t get out much except for early mornings before the doors of the hall opened. Tara McPherson, one of Eve’s fav… Continue reading Comic Con: Around the Booths

The Dawn

Tomorrow we journey south to San Diego for the Survey Select: Narrative Art Show opening. I will have a new botanical perfume on display as you enter the multi-sensory extravaganza. The show consists of 65 hand picked artists from all over the world, mostly painters. When I was invited to participate in Survey Select I… Continue reading The Dawn

Narative Art Exhibition

I am one of the contributing sixty five artists at the Survey Select Narrative Art Exhibition. The event has been organized by art lover/promoter and designer Mark Murphy. Over the years Mark has organized many events with artists including the Heaven and Hell collaborative exhibition, held at the Abbey church in San Diego, (which included… Continue reading Narative Art Exhibition

Indigenous: Part Two

After our visit of the Cochasqui pyramid site we headed North toward Otavalo, set in a valley surrounded by three volcanoes Imbabura, Cotacachi and Mojanda. On Saturday is the infamous outdoor market with the indigenous Otavaleños, famed for their textiles. From seventy surrounding villages nearby native people come to this market and sell their beautiful… Continue reading Indigenous: Part Two

El Dorado

“The Artist as Brand” workshop began on Monday, June 29th, lasting five consecutive days. This workshop, or taller as it is called here in Ecuador, is the reason we were invited to come here to this part of the South America. We have been staying at the “Hotel Quito” located in what Eduardo has referred… Continue reading El Dorado

The Artist’s Way

Somewhere around the Autumn of 1998 I decided to read The Artist’s Way. The Artist’s Way is a tool kit filled with a variety of paths leading to the center of the creative soul. The best-selling author, Julia Cameron, wrote a number of books after her million dollar best seller. Currently I am reading The… Continue reading The Artist’s Way