The Perfumery in Santa Fe, New Mexico

The Perfumery in Santa Fe, New Mexico is one part apothecary, (referencing my great grandfathers homeopathic farmacy) one part alchemical lab (where I distill and transform plant matter into golden elixirs), one part naturalist/artist studio, one part wizardress/priestess, and one part stylist.     All these parts are all the aspects of a modern day… Continue reading The Perfumery in Santa Fe, New Mexico

Baca Street Arts District Tour

You are invited to the Baca Street Arts District Tour The 19th Annual Arts Holiday Sale begins at the corner of Cerrillos Road and Baca Street, everything is within walking distance. Glassblowing, sculpture, jewelry, furniture, gem stones, pottery, clothing, paintings, cards, refreshments, and so much more! I will be part of the tour at CAFECITO👉🏿… Continue reading Baca Street Arts District Tour


Biodynamic beets from OneGun in Malibu Our friends from New York recently moved here. As fortune would have it they found an idyllic home in Topanga which they moved on right away and are now settling in. On Saturday we took them over to our local farmers market so that Greg could give them a… Continue reading Foodie

An Interview – Artisanal Perfume

During the Summer 2013 FRAGments show the perfume blogger Stevie Wilson went around and interviewed several of the artists exhibiting their scented potions. Since she wasn’t able to get around to all the exhibitors she decided to interview many of the others by phone and via e-mail. Stevie was very gracious in giving me the… Continue reading An Interview – Artisanal Perfume

American Maker 2013

The team over at Martha Stewart have a competition at the moment titled American Made Audience Choice Awards. Artisans entered the competition by selecting the category (food, craft, design, style, gardening, or technology) their work best fit into then filling out information and adding photos, some even entered videos. I submitted myself into the Style… Continue reading American Maker 2013