Terra on Mercury Day

It’s Wednesday, which is ruled by the planet Mercury, and I’ve got my contribution to the Aromatic Journey series up at the Lillyella blog. This month I share a simple, yet effective DIY clay mask, enjoy! Elemental Earth at the Lillyella Blog Photo by Roxana Villa

Jasmine Haze

The weather here in southern California has been extremely erratic. A hot day with temperatures over 100 degrees in the shade is followed by a cool, cloud covered day requiring wool sweaters! As the cycle of Autumn begins the jasmine sambac flowering season bids us adieu along with summer. Although only Mother Nature knows for… Continue reading Jasmine Haze

Aromatic Journey: Lip Smacking Goodness

In the new Aromatic Journey post over at the Lillyella blog I posted a recipe for a handmade, all natural lip balm. This is a great alternative to the petroleum laced products on the market. Support creativity, handmade and NATURE! This recipe will also work for a solid natural perfume. Below are links to the… Continue reading Aromatic Journey: Lip Smacking Goodness