Counting to Ten

Ten years ago, in August of 2003, Greg and I embarked on a journey to a small village in the Austrian Alps called Reichenau for a Visionary Artist workshop. Our mission was to learn a secret and ancient painting technique called Mishe that had been resurrected by the contemporary visionary painter Ernst Fuchs. The process is… Continue reading Counting to Ten

Eiko Ishioka

In January of this year the great Japanese artist, creator of gorgeous, surreal and fantastical costumes died. Her name is Eiko Ishioka, in my opinion one of the most creative and inspirational costume designers to have graced planet Earth. I was intending on doing a blog post on the day she died but got side… Continue reading Eiko Ishioka

Artist Feature and Giveaway: PoleStar Jewelry

Ah Autumn and her dance of vibrant color where as Albert Camus says, “…every leaf is a flower.” The Etsy Artist feature has returned from her summer rest. On this day I bring you a cherished individual who I have gotten to know through her daily tweets on Twitter. I am continually astounded on the… Continue reading Artist Feature and Giveaway: PoleStar Jewelry

Artist Feature and Giveaway: Heartworks by Lori

Here we find ourselves, once again, at the Etsy Artist once a month feature. Today I bring you a very special individual who I owe much gratitude to for helping me with my Etsy shop and awareness. She is a friend, a mother and a very creative hardworking gal. I bring you…drum roll please…Lori Patton… Continue reading Artist Feature and Giveaway: Heartworks by Lori

The Minds Eye

It’s sort of official now…Maestro has started his art sale. I am rather reluctantly seeing beautiful gems depart from our little woodland home. Of course, they’ve been tucked away in flat files, so it’s a good thing that they now will be appreciated and displayed. Here is what he states: ¨¨¨¨°ºOOº°¨¨¨¨¨¨°ºOOº°¨¨¨¨°ºOOº°¨¨¨¨¨°ºOOº°¨¨¨¨°ºOOº°¨¨¨¨¨¨°ºOOº°¨¨¨¨°ºOOº°¨¨ Welcome to my exhibition… Continue reading The Minds Eye