Equus caballus

The most Equine, horse-like, fragrance note in my palette as a natural, botanical perfume artist is Amberi Attar. Other notes that impart an overall impression of horse are those found in the following groups: leather, agrestic, grassy, coumarin, balsamic and animalic. The perfume I am developing with Michelyn Camen based on my birthplace of Buenos… Continue reading Equus caballus

Forbidden Fruit

In the kitchen the other day I remarked, “Something smells fruity.” My teenage daughter rolled her eyes answering, “Mom, everything smells fruity to you lately!” Well, not everything, although I have been picking out the fruit note in a number of items that normally I would not have. It’s as if my olfactory antenna is… Continue reading Forbidden Fruit

Tale of Two Cities

This past summer, shortly after the review of Vera on the Perfume Critic website, the New York City based fragrance writer Michelyn Camen contacted me via e-mail. In our cyber exchange, I learned that we shared a plethora of shared interests including Argentine ancestry. The fertile connection has birthed a collaborative project on our beloved… Continue reading Tale of Two Cities

+Q Perfume

I’ve been twice blessed with beautiful reviews in one week! The enchanting and lovely Simone over at +Q Perfume, meaning “mais-que” more than perfume, has done a little write up about Roxana Illuminated Perfume. +Q Perfume Here is how Simone transcribes “mais” (+) “que” (Q) +Q Perfume means more than just perfume but it is… Continue reading +Q Perfume


I was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, a metropolitan port city in South America. At the age of three, my parents moved us to the United States to pursue the American Dream. Unlike the musical or film Evita, the Peron reign created havoc for the country. Thus, many immigrated to other parts of the world… Continue reading Argentina