Chaparral at +Q Perfume

Simone at the +Q Perfume blog has written a two part segment titled “When Cowboys Meet Indians” featuring both Andy Tauer and myself. The first part was a tribute to the Cowboy and Andy’s fragrance Lonestar Memories. Today she published the second portion which focuses on Indians and the liquid version of our fragrance Chaparral®.Follow… Continue reading Chaparral at +Q Perfume

Prince Charming

The Prince of Charm, Andy Tauer, came by for a visit Thursday evening. He brought his partner Werner (pronounced Verner) with him. I was so enchanted that I forgot to document the visit with pictures. When I did remember, the affair felt way too sacred for a camera. In fact I contemplated not posting about… Continue reading Prince Charming

The Vetiver Dance

Andy Tauer returns to grace us with his presence at the Scent Bar this October. The Saturday, October 4th event is full, however the Friday October 17th slot still has a few openings. Click here to RSVP. The latest from Tauer Perfumes is “Vetiver Dance”, a unisex fragrance focused on Vetiver essential oil. At the… Continue reading The Vetiver Dance

{ Chocolate }

“Researchers have discovered that chocolate produced some of the same reactions in the brain as marijuana. The researchers also discovered other similarities between the two, but can’t remember what they are.” Matt Lauer on NBC’s Today Show, August 22 The origins of chocolate begin with the cacao pods of the Mesoamerican tree. The seeds were… Continue reading { Chocolate }

Andy Tauer in LaLaLand

For over a year now I’ve been hearing the name Andy Tauer. It began with a fellow blending partner, Ylva Rubensson. She had been intrigued by Andy’s particular methodology for making perfume. Then, my friend and mentor, Gail Adrian highly recommended I experience his perfumes. Well, this past Saturday, I finally had the opportunity to… Continue reading Andy Tauer in LaLaLand