A Perfumed Bestiary, Letter A for Axolotl, Part 2

The first fragrance in A Perfumed Bestiary series has been sent, those participants will have the first opportunity to order more of the limited edition before it is offered to subscribers of Illuminated News. For those who signed up for the “compact” as part of their membership I used the version with the cabochon insert,… Continue reading A Perfumed Bestiary, Letter A for Axolotl, Part 2

LYRA as the Muse

“Rich, full-bodied, sweetly tinged amber, floral fragrance, warm sensuality, hint of licorice.” ~ V.Austin, Sniffapalooza MagazineA few weeks ago we assembled four beautiful young people here in the woodland to do some perfume photos. The image above, to the right is one of those. The model is Gwen Cunningham, she is wearing an antique, silk nightgown… Continue reading LYRA as the Muse

Ambre Jaune

Aumbre, my amber botanical perfume, is a bit of a shape shifter depending to ones olfactory geography. To my nose the aroma is incense, amber with a touch little gourmand, sweetness from the tonka bean. My friend Nancy was at the studio on Sunday and remarked that it smelled like woods. Thus, I now have… Continue reading Ambre Jaune


Serendity came by for a visit resulting in a new member of the illuminated tribe of perfumes. The new fragrance is titled Aumbre alluding to three other words: Amber, the Spanish word Hombre and the mystical Aum. Amber + Hombre + Aum = Aumbre. Amber is one of many linguistically challenging words in the world… Continue reading Aumbre