We awoke early on our first morning in the Ecuadorian Amazon. We were to meet Howard and Eve for breakfast and then hook up with our guide, Patricio. At 8am we met the guide who had us fitted with vinyl boots and ponchos for the rainforest. Next the four of us; Howard, Greg, Eve and… Continue reading AMAZONA


On the eighth day of our Ecuadorian adventure Eduardo took us over to the Botanical Gardens of Quito. This had been suggested to us by the Botany teacher at the University while we conversed on the subject of perfume and the Amazon. The Jardin Botanico de Quito offers a stunning display of plants encompassing all… Continue reading Orchidarium

The Night Watchman

While in the Ecuadorian Amazon jungle I picked up some Guayusa leaf tea, among other treasures. I became intrigued by the plant while visiting with a Kichwa Indian woman who had rolled the leaves and strung them her herbal shop.The main property of Guayusa, Ilex guayusa, is as a mental and physical stimulant like Mate,… Continue reading The Night Watchman